Author: Krystal Bao (gr.12)

Last week, our school celebrated Easter through two relative activities, all organized by the student council.

Easter is a significant Western holiday to remember the third day after Jesus died. Christians regard Easter as a symbol of hope and rebirth.

What we think about Easter is mostly related to bunnies and eggs. Since bunnies are too hard to get at school, eggs turned out to be the main “character” of our Easter Celebration.

The first activity was carried out on Thursday, April 13. For the whole day, students were searching for eggs with students’ names on them to gain points for their teams. Everyone was trying their best to search as carefully as they could. The first team that finished collecting all of their team’s eggs was the winner.

Two students from the student council—Joanna and Benjamin arranged the “secret hiding points” of the eggs before the “race” began. “When I was hiding the eggs, I wished it could be challenging. The more difficult it was to find the eggs, the more successful I was at my job,” said Joanna (Grade 11). However, the the grey team was the winner of this race and even finished searching the eggs before the third class. Joanna told me, “I was so surprised that grey got all of their eggs in such a short time, they really did a great job!” Hopefully, everyone had a good time in this event.

Another Easter activity was throwing water balls. Since eggs were unsuitable to be used as tools at school, they were replaced with water balls. We played the game on the playground during our lunch break on Friday, April 14. Michelle (Grade 12) from the student council created and organized the game. She told me, “My purpose for this activity was simply for everybody to have fun. Although there was competition between teams, we enjoyed ourselves.” Meanwhile, she hoped this year’s Easter could be impressive for grade 12 students, “I eagerly hope that grade 12 students could leave pleasant memories for their last high school Easter celebration.” (Michelle, Grade 12)

To summarize, this year’s Easter celebration was a success due to the attentive planning and implementation by the student council. Everyone had great moments and hold precious memories of the Easter celebration!