The Halloween party is one of the Luwan students’ favorite events. Not only because it’s a day with little school work, but also because of the fun activities.

If we are talking about the Halloween party, we have to talk about the games. This year, we kept some classic games like “Mummy Wrapping”, “Battle of the Balloons” and “Zombie Run”. We also introduced some new games such as “The Werewolf”.  Grade 10 student Delous gave a thumb up to “The Werewolf”. She said “It’s really hard to play this game in English. You have to ‘cheat and trick’ other players, but luckily, I made it. I survived.” “Zombie Run” also got a lot positive feedback. Students liked it because the teachers play this game with students rather than being hosts or judges.

The costumes are another key element of the LWBC Halloween party. This is the day in which students can forget about their school uniforms, wear whatever they want and wear fancy makeup. Jerry is the winner of “Best Costume”. He dressed up as a huge, cute banana. He was always in the spotlight. Everyone wanted to take a selfie with him! His costume reminds me of that Andy Warhol painting for The Velvet Underground. Mr. Chang’s dinosaur outfit is also a high light of that day. “It’s quite a challenge to try to teach as a t-rex, but the students enjoyed the costume so it was all worth it,” Mr. Chang posted on his WeChat moment.

This years’ decorating is also enjoyed by all the students. “It feels great to study in this kind of classrooms,” grade 12 student Jerry Li said, “there are broken legs, broken fingers and even a broken heart! I love this atmosphere.” Faye, the media officer said that she likes the hallway decorating style, “The ‘Lantern drawing’ activity is really cool. We drew the lanterns into jack-o’-lantern or pumpkins. They are both scary and cute. I took a lot of photos and I am going to pose them on our official Weibo. It is a great warm up for the Halloween. Everybody can participate in it.”

Upon hearing students were all really in to this party, Sherry the event coordinator of the student council smiled proudly, “For me the best part of it is organizing it. It is a challenge for us since it was the first time for most of us. It is a good expense.  I finally understand how many works should be done before you guys can just walk in and enjoy.”

This year’s party is over. Hope that next year’s student council will bring a better one.