Written by: Sharon Liao (grade 12)

A traditional activity for all Luwan BC students and teachers, the Christmas Talent Show, was held on December 22nd. All of us enjoyed a fantastic Christmas celebration.

At the beginning of the show, we had the traditional section, the “What do you want for Christmas?” video and video of greetings from Luwan’s alumni, edited by the media students in the student council. Everyone gave their holiday wishes and the student council encouraged and wished everyone a happy new year at the end of the video. Some alumni also came to the talent show that day and watched the performances with us.

Then we had well-prepared performances from teachers and students. The performance that students enjoyed the most according to the wechat survey is “Shape of You” by some girls in grade 12. The band’s performance was unbelievably amazing. Also, the Chinese Comedy by Andrew and James in Grade 10 really cracked me up. They coordinated smoothly on the stage and brought us enjoyment. What’s more, the most surprising performance was Mr. Ruelle’s hip hop. When last term started, I heard that he was a rapper. While it was my first time listening to his hip-hop, to be honest, I still thought he was a talented rapper and I am truly looking forward to hearing from him again.

After all the performances, we had secret Santa gift exchanges. I believe that the most special gift students got from secret Santa is George’s pillow. His Santa printed a picture of George dressed up in his Halloween costume. “This is the best day of 2017!” he said. I could feel his happiness when interviewing him.

You can still feel the Christmas atmosphere on the sixth floor, where BC students study. I am proud of everyone’s hard work for the Christmas Talent Show. Also, I have to say thank you to the student council since they spent money and put a lot of effort decorating the hallway and Christmas trees, editing videos and publicizing the events before and after the celebration. Shining, a Grade 12 student said, “This is my last Christmas in Luwan but it is the best Christmas I’ve ever had and I will never forget it.” Finally, I wish everyone a happy new year.