Lola Liu (grade 12)

We Call Ourselves “Krakens” 

Ultimate Frisbee is not a sports game that Chinese people are familiar with. However, Ultimate Frisbee is popular among young Canadian students. As a Canadian offshore school, Luwan BC established a Frisbee club and a Frisbee team called “Kraken” in order to let students experience a more Canadian school life.

What is ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport played by seven players on each team with a flying disc. During the game, players are not allowed to have physical contact. Without a referee, the crux of this game is maintaining a positive, fair spirit. Players try to pass the disc back and forth to teammates. They also cannot move their feet when holding the Frisbee. Points are scored when a teammate catches a throw in the opposing end zone.

We call ourselves Krakens

In the dictionary, “Kraken” is a sea monster who has eight tentacles. We call ourselves “Kraken” in order to have the same powerful hands as the Kraken, which can help us to catch more discs in the game. Frisbee Club is scheduled to be held every lunch break and after school. The purpose of everyday practice in mainly to allow students to exercise and get some fresh air after lunch and school, which is good for their health and studies. Our passion motivated us to make great achievements and develop a more close partnership in the Shanghai Youth Open and BCOS tournaments last year. It’s all thanks to Mr. Chang’s hard work, organizing and coaching this club. He’s a professional trainer who teaches Krakens many useful skills and strategies. “Krakens do enjoy all Frisbee games and Krakens never give up,” he said. This year, all grade 12 students said to our freshmen, “We welcome everyone to come to the club and make friends with each other”.  It’s great to have a lot of grade 10 students join the Frisbee club. A student in grade 10 said, “It’s a mix of all of the greatest sports. When I play Frisbee, I am cutting like a soccer player and running like a runner”. Ultimate Frisbee is unique and unlike any other sport, but has connections with other sports. A girl from grade 10 said, “It’s great that girls can be on the same team with boys. There is no gender bias in this game. Girls can also practice the skill and get fit in the club”. We have our captains, George Li and Sharon Liao, who lead this club to have a high-leveled Frisbee team. This year, we joined a league in Shanghai with schools, like Nanmo, Sino, and Xiehe. We have already battled them and sharpened our skills against these schools. This is our Frisbee club and the team “Kraken”. We are Krakens and we are proud of ourselves.