(Joanna Li – Grade 12)

An open house is held by Luwan Senior High School in April of every year. Students and parents are welcomed to visit and know more about our BC program on this day. To prepare for the open house, students in Luwan’s BC program cleaned their classrooms carefully, seizing on the smallest detail. Our principal, Mr. Berg, also ordered some nice bottles and key chains / nail clippers as presents for the visitors. 

This year, the open house was held on March 31st, lasting four hours. Before visiting the school, all the parents were invited to enjoy some speeches and presentations in the school hall. Mr. Berg gave a nice speech there. After this event was finished, parents and students were free to walk around and ask any question about the school.

On the first floor, the space beside the elevator was reserved for the BC program. Before the visitors came, our volunteers put the presents on the desks tidily and placed two big posters beside the desks which briefly introduced our BC program. After all the preparations were finished, all the teachers stayed there and half of the volunteers went back to the sixth floor, waiting to show our study environment to the visitors. At the beginning, there weren’t many visitors since the domestic side was holding an entrance examination for the students. Gradually, more and more parents came and our teachers and volunteers became very busy. Conversely, the volunteers on the sixth floor were relatively leisurely. Most of the parents were gathering on the first floor.

About our program, there was a question that the parents were most curious about: since our tuition is the same as the domestic students’, how can the teaching quality be guaranteed? The answer is that in the BC program, all teacher must have a BC teaching certificate. “I think our teachers teach very well and they are very responsible to us,” said Shining from grade 12.

The open house was held very successfully. It promoted communication between the school and parents. Parents and students gained a deeper understanding of our BC program.