Jerry Li (Grade 12)

If you are a sneaker enthusiast, you definitely know what “flight club” is, the world’s number one sneaker marketplace. However, it might confuse you to hear that there is a flight club in Luwan High School’s BC program. “Flight club” is actually a sneaker customization club founded by Jerry from grade 12 and several grade 10 students who are keen on vogue items and art design. What’s more, sneakers are no longer only the privilege of boys, girls are also interested in it. Sneaker customization isn’t exactly a new thing, but it has for sure become more prevalent in recent years. In a nutshell, it is just adding colors and patterns to the shoes using brushes, airbrushes, and dyes. Sometimes enthusiasts will change the shape and materials as well.

Jerry is a typical sneakerhead who enjoys collecting a wide variety of shoes, but he grew unsatisfied with owning rare sneakers. Therefore, he started to look for ways to show his individuality. During last winter vacation, a youtube video about sneaker customization intrigued Jerry to learn how to customize a pair of sneakers. George from grade 10 was impressed by Jerry’s work, so they established the club to achieve the same goal, to make their own unique sneakers and have fun. For this purpose, the door is open at any time and for everyone. Now more and more students are attracted to join the club, and other students really enjoy staying in the room to watch club members make shoes during lunch break. People share their opinions and creative ideas freely in the club, talking about art, design, and fashion garments.

As one of the initial members, Andrew draws inspiration from his favorite soccer team, Shanghai ShenHua, and paints his sneakers mainly in ShenHua blue and white with their distinctive badge. Bill said he’s really pleased to assist Andrew in creating his fancy sneakers. Recently, George has finished a pair of sneakers which is a collaboration between Nike Air Force 1 and high street brand Off-White. One of our teachers, Mr. Chang, has also been engaged by the club. Mr. Chang and Jerry are painting shoes in the color of Mr. Chang’s most-loved drink—Apple Cider. Every member is learning quickly, thus club members have decided to take a few orders online to sell their custom-made shoes. This experiment in entrepreneurship will begin after practicing for a few more months so that students can gain more experience and apply their knowledge to real life. I hope you will like this flight club, and be part of it!