Written by Jerry

Once, during social study class, Mr. Milne asked a difficult question. The whole class was quiet. I could barely understand what Mr. Milne had asked, but I saw Linda raise her hand and answer the question. “Perfect!” said Mr. Milne. At that time, I realized that Linda deserves to be a star student. Not only is Linda clever, but she’s also kind and warm-hearted.

I asked Linda some questions. She loves reading history books in her spare time. So she is good at both Chinese history and Canadian history. She can fluently recite a number of Chinese historical events in a short time. She also reads some current news about sports. I think that’s cool because less and less girls like sports nowadays.

Through the interview, I also learned that Linda is a caring person. Her dream job is to be a teacher because she believes that education is the beginning of everything. Teaching someone with a desire to enrich his or her mind is a holy thing. It’s a kind of inheritance. She has decided to choose a major related to education in the future so that she can reach her goal more easily.

The reason that Linda chose the BC program in Luwan High School is that she doesn’t want to compete so intensely with other students like in the Chinese program. She loves the feeling of freedom. She likes traveling and she wants to experience different cultures and costumes when she studies in a foreign country.

Linda also has ambition. Linda’s final goal is to enter the University of Toronto. She hopes her average score can be above 90%. Her clear goal for the future will certainly help her on the way. When I asked Linda how she improves her English, she told me that she likes reading English historical stories when she is free. If she still has some time after that, she watches some science fiction films, not only for fun, but also to learn new words and improve her pronunciation.

Furthermore, Linda said: “I am also interested in music. I like listening to a lot of types of music, such as soft music, classical music and so on… Soft music can make me calm down. So if I want to concentrate, I listen to soft music. I have a strong interest is classical music and I want to learn a musical instrument in the future. By the way, my favourite singer is Taylor Swift. I love her songs. They can remind me of a beautiful view in the countryside.”

Through the interview, I found that Linda is indeed a clever, kind, warm-hearted and hard-working student.