By Sherry Wei

September 28th, after nearly one month of applications and competitions, the results of the student council election were published. Two days later, Mr. Berg introduced the new student council members to all the students in the school assembly. Here are the results:

PRIME MINISTER: Sherry Wei from Grade 12. She will take the lead of the student council this academic year. If schoolmates have any suggestions or questions about the operation of the student council, they are welcome to communicate with her.

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: Steven Zhu from Grade 11. He will assist the prime minister in leading the student council, especially to ensure that every member is working responsibly and the decisions the student council makes are appropriate.

MINISTER OF COMMUNICATION: Fancy Sun from Grade 11. She is in charge of recording the student council meetings and helping the other members do time-consuming works if necessary.

MINISTER OF FINANCE: Jack Ye from Grade 12. He is the treasurer of the student council, taking charge of making purchases. He will find cost effective items for school events.

MINISTER OF SCIENCE AND SPORT: Jason Cui from Grade 11. His job is to coordinate various school events, including the plans and preparations of sport games and festival celebrations. Students are welcome to give him suggestions and offer him help in organizing school events. Their ideas will no doubt improve their own experience of the activities.

MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Delous Zhu & Faye Jin. They are responsible for the advertising of school events both online and offline. Additionally, they are in charge of several social media accounts organized by the student council, such as Wechat and Weibo. Their great work last year helped the Grade 9 students and their parents know about the Luwan BC program better.

In addition, there are also two grade 10 representatives in the student council, Emily Huang & Fiona Lu.

Congratulations to all of them! Hopefully the student council can work well this year and bring everyone an excellent high school experience.