Written by Ammie Du

 Beatrice Ding is a star student of our class. She is enthusiastic and friendly.

When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said she wanted to be a lawyer or a psychologist. Therefore, she wants to go to the University of Toronto or the University of Hong Kong.

She enjoys the BC education system and freedom. She thinks she is good at English and she also prefers extracurricular activities to written assignments. What’s more, she doesn’t like the fact that her future university is determined by one examination, so she chose the BC program.

In my opinion, she is not a bookworm. To my surprise, she is active. Besides studying, she likes to listen to music, particularly hip-hop and R&B. She relaxes herself by reading books and watching movies, especially movies that makes you imagine. In my mind, she is a punctual person. She is never late for school or other activities. She likes to communicate. I think she is good at speaking. She always listens carefully in class and answers the teachers’ questions positively.

She is a girl of great ambition. In the near future, she wants to study French well and learn how to be a better television host because she is the host of our passion project. I think she hosts well.

Because of her responsibility, she’s always the first to start and looks for every opportunity.

She takes her studies very seriously, and when she encounters problems, she will study them all the time. She will not ask the teacher until the answer comes out. She works very hard. During lunch break, she stays in the computer lab and does homework or previews for classes. She only takes a break once the work is done. Because of her self-discipline, she does her homework after class every day. She gets on well with her classmates, who laugh at her jokes every day.

She also has goals too. She wants to be on the principal’s list and have a good GPA. In addition, she recites vocabulary every day to prepare for tests. As her friend, I’m impressed by her seriousness and diligence, and I started to learn from her. All of us trust she can achieve her goal.

As you can see, Beatrice is a star student of our class. She is a good example for us to follow.