Fiona Lu is my classmate, and in my opinion, she is a star student of the Luwan BC Program. She is a cute girl with many hobbies. She is fond of watching films, listening to music and travelling.

She is also a responsible girl in charge of physical labor. She really cares a lot about our learning environment. “I’m willing to keep our classroom clean, a satisfying and comfortable learning environment is very important to all of us,” she said. She spends a lot of attention and time keeping our classroom clean. She assigns cleaning work to us and directs us patiently, and she examines our classroom carefully every day.

When I asked her why she chose an international high school, she told me her reason for choosing the Luwan BC Program is she was not sure whether she can adapt to the intense competition and heavy courses in Chinese high school. But after entering high school, she became more and more sensible and optimistic. In addition, she has some small goals during her high school life. For example, she wants to improve her English skills. She also wants to connect the projects she had done for the courses in school with her real life. She thought that can help her improve her personal ability. And I think she will reach her goals. She puts forth a lot of efforts. She is trying her best to be active in class and she is really serious when learning every tasks. For example, she

managed to edit and synthesize videos for her and her partners’ passion project.

What’s more, she also set some targets for her future. She wants to enter a famous foreign university and plans to become a director after graduating from college. She wants to make great movies that can reflect social phenomenon and warn the public. Furthermore, she would like to have an extraordinary life. She said after earning enough money, she intends to travel to different foreign countries alone. She also said she enjoys unexpected and exciting things. She feels like experiencing sky- diving and traveling across a desert.

From what has been mentioned above, I think Fiona is filled with an adventurous spirit. She is not only hard working but also enthusiastic in learning. I believe she will become better and better.