On April 19th, we held our Easter activity.

After three classed in the morning, we held an assembly. During the assembly, we learned from Mr. Berg that there were two evil students, a male and a female who stole all of the Easter eggs. We needed to find their clues in the activities and guess who they are. If no one guessed right, then the team who got the most eggs would win. And at the end of the event, you can exchange eggs for chocolate.

In the computer room, Steven was in charge of an activity to get one more chance to guess the evil student. We were all locked in the computer room. On the table in the middle of the computer room, there were many eggs with letters inside of them. We needed to spell out all the words to get the password for the computer so that we could save ourselves. The essence of the game is to pay attention to the color of the egg, because the same color of the egg meant a word. The pink team was the only team that was stumped for not noticing the color.

The game that Mrs. Dixon was in charge of in the hallway required us to hold a box on our heads with an egg in it. We transferred the egg from our own head to another until the last student finished. This game required students to cooperate with each other and be 100% patient because if the egg falls on the ground, the student has to start all over again.

The dancing game, ran by Faye and Mr. Chang was even more spectacular. The “Rabbit Dance” was shown to some of the members of each group through the computer. They needed to study for five minutes and then teach the rest of the members by memory. Students must try to concentrate, memorize each movement, and come up with easy ways to hand over to other members who have poor dance fundamentals or may claim to be out of sync.

Jason was responsible for the game that tested students’ understanding and judgment. Each student was given a card. They were asked to sit around and describe the words on the card in detail. Students who thought they got the same card stood in a group. There were two rounds in this game. Each successful round was awarded an egg.

The book-finding game, which Sherry was in charge of, was also fun. The clues were really obvious but hard to find.

The event in the afternoon was arguably the most exciting part of the game. The students needed to look for eggs hidden by the evil students in every corner of the sixth floor. After Sherry said start, the students all scattered to try to find the missing eggs. Unfortunately, the green team was disqualified after they were found to have secretly opened eggs before the event started.

Finally, the demon students were Martin and Elin. The gray, red and yellow teams got the first, second, third place respectively.