In my opinion, Aileen is an excellent student in our class, whether in studying or getting along with other classmates and her teachers.

Aileen is an amicable person who has a good relationship with her classmates. No matter who is in trouble, she will help him or her instantly, which makes her popular with many of our classmates. Now, she is the class president. She is ready to manage our class and serve us enthusiastically. Many of the activities in the school were organized by her. She always tries her best to be perfect. Her serious and responsible attitude also sets a good example for other students. She is not only responsible for the work assigned by the teacher, but also has a good plan for her studies. She reviews lessons after class every day and she asks questions when she doesn’t understand material in class.

Her extracurricular life is also rich. She has a lot of hobbies in her spare time such as keeping a scrapbook journal, listening to music, reading, dancing and watching TV series. She learned to dance from an early age and she still likes to dance very much.

At the beginning of our school, I asked why she chose the BC program and why she wanted to go abroad. She told me she was really looking forward to college life in China. However, after a few days of thinking, she thought the rigorous course in Canadian university fits her personality better. For her part, she feels that majoring in psychology is better in Canada than in China. She thinks she can improve herself better in Canada.

She is now preparing to go abroad. She is taking IELTS classes every weekend. She wants to become a psychologist in the future. She made a lot of preparations for this. For example, she reads many books about psychology and watches a lot of movies about it. Besides, she actively participates in psychology associations to learn professional psychological knowledge. She has a delicate plan for her future and her studies. Above all, I think Aileen Song is a star student of Luwan BC. She has many merits which are worthy of study.