For me the beginning of September is always a great time of the year. This beginning of another school year is in many ways another ‘new year’ and as such, one of new beginnings and opportunities for our students.  As this too is also my first year at Luwan BC, it is also a new beginning for me – something I very much look forward to. After over 25 years in education I still feel an excitement and anticipation of what our students can accomplish, both individually and together as a school.

Over the past few months as I learned about the reputation of Luwan campus, met with the faculty and now with the students, I was incredibly impressed by so many things. The staff commitment to provide quality education was very noticeable and for me was something that very much attracted me to coming to Luwan School. I was also very impressed with the quality of students in the Luwan program and their accomplishments over the years. This past year, the level of English proficiency achieved by our students and the number of multiple offers to high quality universities that our graduates received really struck me as an impressive accomplishment. This is certainly something that we want to not only continue but also to cultivate into bigger and better things.

I am very much looking forward to working with the staff and students this coming year. I am especially looking forward to see how our students can grow in their knowledge and learning.  While last year’s grade 10s were introduced to the new BC curriculum, this year  we will be fully implementing it into grades 11 and 12. This is a daunting challenge for our staff as they will have to re-work and re-think how they deliver curriculum to students so that they can better meet the challenges of the 21st century.  I have every confidence that our staff and students will be ready for the challenges that lie ahead and not only meet them, but also continue to excel at them.

To all the parents, students and educators of the Luwan school community, I wish you all the best this school year.

Mark J.H. Wuerch

Principal, Luwan BC High School