By Catherine Cao

Anita, the monitor of our class, has a strong sense of responsibility, and is warm-hearted, kind, and easy-going.

Anita always helps our classmate with academic questions or any other daily trifles. When we face some difficulties in studying or in life, she always gives us a hand without any complaints or hesitations until it achieved completely. Once I had encountered some difficulties with a math problem. She came to me and explained the questions to me patiently until I understood. Thanks to her, I used the same method on the exam and got a good academic performance.

What she is also good at are singing and video editing. She is extremely keen on making some videos about our school life. In addition, as an art fan, she also attends lots of singing clubs or singing contests as well and obtains marvelous results in these competitions.

I asked her about the most wonderful place that she had ever been to. Anita thinks that Guangdong is the most unforgettable city. “It’s an enormous city which has a large population,” Anita recalled. “The food is very delicious, especially the Wonton noodles.” She also said that the juicy shrimp and the smooth noodles really increase her appetite. The biggest difference between Guangdong and other cities is the GDP is rising fast but the life there is still slow. They even have time to eat breakfast for whole day. The people’s living standard there is high due to the hard work of citizens. It can be said that they can enjoy all the benefits of a good lifestyle due to their own passion and hard work.

After class I always see her asking teachers about academic questions or reviewing the lessons in her seat and without paying any attention to outside influence. In addition to studying, she also does some exercises during her breaks. For instance, she sometimes will be wandering in the corridors to clear her mind and relax. After school, she also participates in the Frisbee club. Her brilliant talent in sports always allows her to be praised by the coach. Although the training lasts until six o’ clock, she still treats the training seriously and stays energetic the next day.

Anita’s methods of studying are to watch some English movies or to read some masterpieces to improve her vocabulary and listening skills. The key to learning English is not only to remember all the words, but also to hunt for and find the shortcut to learning. Her parents are always busy with businesses and seldomly have the opportunity to accompany her, but her strong sense of self-regulation allows her to achieve a high academic standard.

Anita’s dream job is to be an AI engineer or a biologist. The National University of Singapore and The University of Waterloo are her dream schools. She wants to further her study in these schools in order to get a good degree in the future and to find a good career in order to make contributions for her nation.

And as an interesting ending to our interview, I really wanted to know what she would do if she has enough money and enough time. Her decision was to go abroad with her family because her family are always busy with work, meaning they don’t have enough time to relax. She has been to too many cities in China so she wants to go abroad to broaden her horizons and relax. What’s more, she also want to use these time to communicate with her parents, go sightseeing with them and enhance their relationships.

Therefore, I think that Anita is a star student.