Frank Chen is our star student this month. He is friendly, hard-working, and the other students all like to be friends with him. He said that his favorite sport is definitely basketball. He likes playing video games, watching some movies, and reading science-related books as well as other kinds of books during the weekends.

The reason for him choosing the BC program is that his parents wanted him to go abroad and study. He also wanted to improve his thinking and communication abilities, which also led him to choose the BC program over a traditional Chinese high school program. When he arrived in the BC program on the first day, he felt that his classmates were friendly, hard-working, and funny. “I would like to stay with other classmates and share my feelings when I am happy, excited, and sad,” he said with a smile. He also told me some methods and advice about how to study. First, you need to be focused on what the teacher is saying. Second, you should take notes and go over them after class. Third, you should do your homework by yourself before seeking help. Finally, work through some practice problems and ask questions when you are confused.

His favorite class is Drama class with Mr. Law. “I think that the drama lessons are very interesting, and it can improve my English level as well. We play some games, tell jokes and scary stories, and act,” he said.

He is good at drawing. He can draw many cartoon characters and they all look just like the original. He is also good at playing basketball too. He thinks playing basketball not only makes him healthy, but also makes him feel happy. Having both skills in the arts and sports, you could say that Frank is a complete student.

Not only is Frank good at studying, but he also has a kind heart. He always helps other students. When someone can’t understand what the teacher said, he helps him/her to understand all the time. When someone cannot solve a math problem, he can help them to work it out. He always listens carefully in class and does the work very well. Teachers like him very much. He also often reviews the lessons and study extra lessons during the weekends.

Frank told me his dream university is the University of Toronto. He has not done a lot of research about the university, but he knows that U of T has a good medical science program. He told me that maybe he will study medical science because he wants to help sick people. “That’s what I think for now, maybe it will be changed after two years when I am close to graduating. I am still figuring out where my interests and passions lie.”

I think Frank always behaves well. He never copies others’ homework, never ignores the teachers’ words, and is never rude to the teachers. He is popular among the students and respects everyone around him. He is honest. He talks with others with an open heart. He never says a bad word about other students to someone else. He never loses his temper to anyone. When he meets difficulties, he never gives up. With all that in mind, I think Frank Chen deserves to be the star student.