Hey everyone! How’s it going? It has been almost half a year since the last time I saw you. I hope you are enjoying this semester. Mr. Chang asked me to share with you something about university life. As I am currently preparing for my final exams, let me talk about the tests, exams and assignments.

“After the orientation, it’s all mid-term weeks.” That’s how things go at the University of Toronto. My last orientation event ended in late September, and the first round of mid-term exams started in October. I heard people screaming at 3 in the morning. I saw my roommate cry after taking her first test. I felt extremely stressed because I was afraid of not getting into my second-year program. We got all those negative moods and they may happen to you in the future.

It is very likely to get a class average in the 50s, so not passing is normal. However, cheating is inexcusable in universities. Before I took those exams, all my professors emphasized the importance of obeying the exam rules. They said they hate the time when students cheat in the exams or on any assignments because they have to treat them with the strict academic penalty. It can be giving the student a zero for the course, limiting the number of courses the student can take in the following semester, or even kicking the student out of the university.

Universities are serious. The test environment is stricter than that of high schools. You will see more than 2 TAs in your exam room invigilating you. Therefore, you should never think about cheating. What can help you get a good grade is studying on a daily basis. “One-night miracle” may work well in Grade 12, but it will not in universities. Please at least make it a “one-week miracle.” Besides, be careful of your citations when you use any reference in your essays and assignments. Copying or the missing of citations will bring trouble to you. Taking rules seriously always makes life easier.

Work hard, and don’t forget to play harder. Different student groups and student governments organize all sorts of activities, like boat cruises, semi-formals, festival celebrations, etc. You can always have fun somewhere and get rest after the exams and due dates. After all, it’s life.