“Why did you choose to study in the Luwan BC Program?”

“It offers me a chance to go abroad and can also improve my communication skills. And you know as long as you walk into an unfamiliar environment, you’ll have to manage your own life and learn to be responsible and independent.”

Virginia is an optimistic and responsible girl. When I asked her what she thought of studying, she told me that studying not only makes you more knowledgeable but also broadens your mind and improves your critical thinking abilities. “Many a little makes a mickle!” As we just spoke of the way of studying, she added, “I think that listening to what teachers say in class is always the most important part of studying. You should take notes and go over them after class, and practice regularly.”

She doesn’t have an ideal university that she is totally in love with for now, but she likes the drama classes in school right now. I asked her why and she told me that she likes the feeling of communicating with other people. She can share happiness and sadness with them and can receive comfort from communication. “I love performing. Drama is a subject that really tests your language skills, so I’m sure that I will benefit a lot from it,” she said with a smile on her face.

Enough words about studying, let us talk about Virginia’s daily life.

Virginia loves watching movies in her spare time, but do not ever make her watch a horror movie. She hates horror movies because she doesn’t like the feeling of being scared by someone else. It’s a terrible feeling, even for me. Also, she loves drawing. I’ve seen how well she can draw as she was one of the participants who drew the drawings in our class blackboard, which lies in the back of our classroom. To be honest, those drawings were really amazing. On top of the drawing, she also loves reading books and playing basketball. Although her playing skills are not the best, she loves running on the court because it makes her feel free while running. “At least it’s better than sitting in the classroom and doing nothing, right?” she added. We both laughed after that.

When I asked her what she wanted to improve in the next two years, she said, “I think I should be more confident while talking to others. And of course, I’ll have to improve my communicating skills so that I can speak with others more fluently.”

Virginia is a good student. She doesn’t even play video games! I think that Virginia is truly worthy of being the star student this month!

Written by Frank Chen