January 15, 2020

Dear Parents and Friends,

As we embark on the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival season, it is a perfect time to reflect on just how privileged we are to be in China and celebrate the wonderful culture of our host country. Thank goodness that, ever since the calendar New Year in January, we have also been celebrating for most of the time the wonderful (if slightly cold!) air in this country.

One of the things that I have loved about working these last few months at LWBC High School is that it does blend well with my personal philosophy. I have never wanted to be a Principal of an international school that happens to be in China; instead, my passion is to be the Principal of a school of committed educators and learners that has an international focus and, most importantly, is truly part of China. Now that I have been in Shanghai for almost 5 years, I can truly say that it is now my home – not my second home, my first home. I am grateful to all of those who work with us, and to our Chinese families who bring this richness into the school. It truly is a very special time in a very special place.

Students are continuing to make solid overall efforts and significant progress. With cell phones no longer allowed, students are more actively engaged in the activities taking place and with each other. I believe that this has been a significant positive step in building a stronger school community and also for students’ personal responsibility.

The grade 12 students are well underway in their university application processes and they will continue to submit updated transcripts and information to universities as they require them. I am fully anticipating many, if not all, our students receiving multiple offers from universities. Right now is an anxious time for all of us as we await offers to come in.

I am pleased to say that all our students are progressing well. As I have before, students at LWBC are impressive in their work and study. I have had a number of great conversations, both in classes and with individual students about a number of things. It always impresses me how informed they are about what is going on locally, nationally and internationally. They have great insights into issues that are confronting the world and this gives me great hope for our future. If our LWBC students are any indication of our future leaders, the world will be in good hands.

This past Monday, our LWBC students showed their strength in science at the recent BCOS science fair, organized by Nanyang Model School and attended by other BC offshore schools. One of our teams managed to earn a silver medal with their impressive experiment measuring the effects of music on plant growth.

As we head into the Chinese New Year festivities I would personally, and on behalf of all the teachers of the BC students, to extend our warmest wishes for you and your families this coming year. Our hope is that each of you will have a wonderful time together with your families or if you are taking the opportunity to travel, that you will have a truly rewarding experience. Regardless of whether you stay at home with family or travel, we wish you all the best.

With my very best wishes,

Mark Wuerch