I want to introduce Christina to you today. Christina is a student from Luwan High School. She does well in her studies, but she is never arrogant. I usually see her review of what she had learned during the lesson after class. This shows that she is a really diligent student. As the saying goes, seeing someone who is better work even harder than you is a frightening thing to see. Seeing her work super hard while being really talented has inspired me to work even harder at school as well. Besides, she is very friendly. If you have any questions you need to ask her, she’s always here and never gets bored. “We may be able to make progress together and help each other at the same time to consolidate our knowledge. So why not help each other?” she explained.

Her favourite subject during middle school was English. So far in high school, she thinks all of the subjects have been good. I think she has a good concentration. You will not see her focus wander in class. She always devotes herself to class. And she is also very modest. If she has questions, she will not hesitate to ask her classmates. Even if she asks a student who normally isn’t a high achiever, she will not feel humiliated or embarrassed. Instead, she will listen carefully to others’ opinions and discuss with them. When I asked why she did that, she smiled and said quietly, “I think it’s a good habit and quality, and everyone has different opinions. Listening to others may yield a lot of good for me.”

In her spare time, she likes playing the piano, the flute, and playing board games. Doing these things can make herself relaxed. “Why don’t you do some exercises if you have time? It’s good for your health,” she suggested. What’s more, she sometimes reads novels and psychology books. Her favorite book is “Tomb Raider Notes”, which is full of frightening and exciting things. “I think these books can make me more creative and increase my courage. It’s useful, I think. I’m sure I’ll know what good it will do for me in the future.”

She told me that her ideal school is the U of T or MIT. She used to want to study psychology, but after hearing some experiences of students in higher grades who have gone on to study psychology in universities, she started to hesitate. She thinks that she should re-choose a major as soon as possible. Her positive attitude also infected me, so I now also look forward to what the future holds for me. “I think I currently am not good enough to get into that school, so I should try harder. But my goal in the near future is to achieve good results on my IELTS exams,” she spoke with a firm gaze.

When I asked her what her plan was for life after college, she said that there are still seven years, and many things will change. “I actually don’t know what my plan is. All I know now is to do your best and work harder.”

She has planned to go abroad ever since she was in junior high school, which is why she chose to enter the BC program. I think her personality and her determination definitely qualifies her to be the star student!

By: David Zhang