By Mr. M Wuerch – Luwan BC High School Principal

Every Spring grade 12 students, their parents and school staffs all over the world wait… . It is not an easy wait to be sure, but they have no choice. It is a time to be anxious, nervous, but still they have no choice, they wait…and wait… and wait…and then it happens! Finally! Universities start presenting offers for admissions to their institutions.

Each year Luwan British Columbia High School (LWBC) students, like students from around the world, worry about their admissions. And each year, Luwan students distinguish themselves and our school by receiving multiple offers from excellent universities in Canada and around the world. This year’s class of 2020 is no exception. As a matter of fact, this year’s grad class has distinguished itself by receiving more offers than any previous grad class. It is clearly a point of celebration and with it an acknowledgement of the quality of LWBC students.

Some facts:

Number of 2020 graduates: 30

Total number of university offers as of May 22, 2020: 129

Average number of offers per student: 4.3

Many of our students are attracted to Canadian universities; however, this does not preclude our students from applying to and being accepted to universities in Australia, the U.S. and the U.K.

Total offers to Canadian universities: 113

Total offers to Australian universities: 6

Total offers to U.S universities 6

Total offers to U.K universities 4

Many of the LWBC students have been accepted to one or more prestigious Canadian universities. These include:

University of Toronto: 18 offers

McGill University: 5 offers

University of BC: 13 offers

McMaster University 13 offers

University of Western Ontario 12 offers

Queens University 5 offers

University of Alberta 10 offers


In addition to the numerous offers to diverse universities, Luwan students also have been admitted to a number of faculties from the universities where they have been accepted.

Applied, Life and Environmental Sciences – 42

Engineering – 24

Mathematics and Statistics – 25

Management, Business and Commerce – 20

Humanities and English – 14

Design, Fine Arts and Media Studies – 13

As one can see, Luwan BC graduates this year have demonstrated their strong academic abilities and are to be congratulated. They have continued to set the bar high for future graduates, which we fully expect will meet the challenge