As we came to the end of this semester, we were told a sad news that our beloved teacher won’t be teaching us next semester. I was shocked and sad when I heard the news—-this thought had never occurred in my head that we won’t be seeing each other next year, to me and most students in LWBC, Mr Ruelle was a part of it that can’t be separated from our high school memory. So we decided to write this letter to our best math teacher ever.

Wish you well in the future!

Yvonne Wang

Mr. Ruelle, you have stayed with us for two years, and we learned a lot from you during this period. We appreciate your company and we don’t want to be apart

Tom Zeng

I still have the video of you rapping on Christmas celebration. We were all surprised by your great rhythm and lyrics. Let’s keep up rapping and bring entertainment to more people! In the end, thank you for teaching us for the last two years and I would like to express my hope for your happiness and good future.

one of your best students, Danny

Mr. Ruelle, thanks for the two years teaching us. I remember the very first math class you said you have already been in China for 12 years, and each year is the last year in China. But now you are really leaving. Wish you have better development in your career. Btw you look nice with more often hair cut.


Literally speaking, after hearing the news that you will leave us and teach in another school, I feel quite depressed since you are really a good teacher. Although I am not that good at math and physics, I would never dread for any lessons since the class surrounding is cheerful and you will teach every point clearly. As well as that, you are willing to answer my questions at any time, which offer me great confidence to these subjects. I am impressed by your attitude towards life, and I have already made some changes to my life and make it much healthier than before. Overall, you are one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. Wish you have a nice experience in China and accomplish things that you want to do. Best wished to you!


Hope you have a great job in the future and thank you for teaching us in the past two years! We will remember you!


Mr. Ruelle, you are always the gentlest teacher here and always there to answer our questions on our classes. You have taught us lots of knowledge on physics and math. Actually I couldn’t imagine the life in Luwan BC without you! I am goanna miss you if you leave us. However, I also congratulate you have got a new job! Hope the students there will love and cherish you as well. Thank you for the total two-year teaching! You are always welcomed back to Luwan BC!


Thank you for the time you have taken care of me. Your teaching is extremely beneficial to me. In the future I will work harder, live up to your expectations of me. I cannot forget your enthusiasm and help, which allow me to find the essence of math. After you leave, I hope we can meet again and rejoice in the past.


Thank you for guiding and teaching us in mathematics and physics these two years. Well, sorry for sometimes being sleepy in your class but you has always been active and interested in teaching. The most common phrase that you say to us was “you guys are smart enough,” I’ll always keep that in mind. Farewell and keep doing fitness!


Mr. Ruelle, you are the first teacher who had taught me Math in BC program. You showed me a whole new way about calculation. After this summer you will leave LWBC, hope you will have some great students and a better teaching career later. And one more tip: keep fit haha. Send you my best wishes!


Mr. Ruelle, you love your job and are very passionate about what you did. Whenever we struggled in worksheet problems, instead of directly giving us the answers, you showed steps which led us to the correct logic. I hope you can keep healthy and happy in following teaching career.


Dear Mr. Ruelle, it’s been over two years since we met. It’s hard for me to say goodbye. But all good things will come to an end. Thank you for being my Physics and Pre-Cal teacher. Sometimes when I get my super low grades, your words always make me ease and relax after talking to you. They highly motivate me to move on and look forward. I’ll always remember you as my best teacher and friend. Let’s end in a Chinese idiom: 祝Ruelle⽼师前程似锦,⼀切顺利.

Amy Chen

Mr. Ruelle, you are a helpful teacher. You are always willing to answer to students’ questions and patiently explained to us. You are also supportive and encourage students to keep their passion. Wish you can adapt to your new work environment quickly.

Aileen Song

The two years that you taught us mathematics and physics have benefited me a lot. It’s a very forgettable time indeed.

Elyn Wang

Thank you for your care over the past two years. Through this period, I have learnt a lot from you. Your class enlightened my interest in mathematics and physics again. In the future, I will cherish these two years and hope we can meet again.

Eugene Cai

You are a very kind and gentle teacher. You always feel your enthusiasm for every class. Your explanation of the knowledge points is very easy to understand and you are always happy to interact with us

Ethan Mao

Under your teaching for the past two years, my interest in mathematics gets higher and higher. Your witty examples really make the boring math class enjoyable. Appreciate your efforts. Wish you have a satisfied journey in the new school!

Levi Liu

You are a kind teacher. The first time I saw you was the day of the oral interview in Luwan Senior High School. We studied mathematics under your tutelage for two years. You helped us understand math knowledge in clear logic and patiently taught us when we encountered problems. Now you’re leaving LWBC, I hope you will always keep an optimistic attitude and love for teaching.

Ammie Du

Mr. Ruelle has been taught us Math 10, Science 10, Pre-Cal 12, Physics 11 and Career Life 11 in the last two years. Think back to the first day in LWBC, as I was climbing up the stairs to the 6th floor breathlessly, I noticed a teacher ahead of me. Even with a heavy black briefcase in one hand and a phone in the other, he walked at a brisk pace. After seeing me, he stopped and greeted me in his bright smile. And that was our Mr. Ruelle, who taught us in the past two years.

First of all, he is a teacher who’s full of teaching experience, who has a teaching career for years in the area of science and math. He would introduce the schedule before every term started, which helped building a systematic learning process. He made handouts that make us easier to follow the new knowledge points. He also looked for suitable worksheet after class and review packages before tests. Moreover, he patiently listened to our concerns and helped solving the problems within or after the class. Though the subjects he taught us were difficult, we felt less stressful learning them from Mr. Ruelle.

Actually, we think learning from him is rather fun than stressful. Not only because he explained knowledge points in different ways, but also for he bringing the concepts up to real life. There were two remarkable experiments that we had, once in Science 10, the other one in Physics 11. When we talked about reaction of sodas and mints, we conducted experiments together to discover the result of adding Mentos into cola. We were all surprised and excited to see in a huge column of cola gushed out in a few seconds after mixing. Then we understood because of the pore structure of Mentos, it accelerates the release rate of carbon dioxide in cola, caused the breakdown of molecular tension and sprayed the cola to an amazing height.

Last but not least, we had great time to work with Mr. Ruelle besides teacher-students relationship. After knowing each other for 2 years, we found him in colorful personalities outside the classroom. Once not long after school, he received a phone call from delivery man during class break. Since we weren’t acquainted yet, we wondered if he needed some help for translation. But under our staring in amazement, Mr. Ruelle calmly finished the conversation in fluent Chinese. From then we knew that he had been China for 12 years and understood a few special uses of words in Chinese. Mr. Ruelle is a fitness fanatic as well. The exclusive slogan “A-fit” is created after the name of his gym. Often he posted videos of him working out there and shared amateur sports that he participated in. When we talked about different forces in Physics 11, by acting out some exercise routine, he analyzed the forces and explained the formulas which apply to them. More memorable, Mr. Ruelle’s ultimate interpretation of rap. There is still a video of him rapping on Christmas celebration. We still remember how it enlivened the atmosphere where everyone shouted slogans just like our favorite idol is giving a concert.

Nobody cares whether it is Tuesday or Friday, because with your teaching it’s always a Fun Day. Au revoir, Mr. Ruelle. Send our most sincere good wishes to you!

Written by Marley & Beatrice