by: Eugene Cai and Roy Zhang

Mr. Bisnauth is our new teacher in LWBC and this is already his sixth year of his teaching journey in China. In the past few years, after he finished his study in university, he came to China to start his teaching journey. In the first three years he spent his life in Luoyang, where he taught at a BC school. Later, he went to Haikou to be a math teacher at another BC school. And this year he finally came to Shanghai to be a science teacher in LWBC. When he mentioned why he had already taught in so many places at this very young age, he told me with a big smile, “I love traveling and more importantly experiencing something new like the different kinds of cultures.”

“Being a teacher was a goal I had set for myself when I was still a grade eight student in middle school,” he said while he was sharing some of his past experiences during the break. “At that time I realized the importance of a teacher to a student’s career, so I made up my mind on being a teacher who has a good relationship with his students which can make it easier for us to communicate while also making it easier for me help them make progress.” Another point he mentioned a lot is asking questions. In his opinion, asking questions can be a beneficial way on improving oneself. However, he knew lots of students at this age may have worries to put questions in class. In order to dispel students’ concerns, he set an extra period on solving problems for students to join freely.

Beside his time in school, Mr. B also has a wonderful extracurricular life watching Japanese animation, listening to music, playing basketball and so many other hobbies to fulfill his spare time. Furthermore, Mr. B always pays full efforts to what he loves. There’s a time he broke his arm while playing basketball with students. What surprised me a lot was on the second day, he appeared on the basketball court again, still playing with students and seeming like his arm had never got injured. Also Mr. B is a guitar player; his love for guitar is just like his obsession with music.

There is a problem that most of the students are worrying about, which is how to achieve excellent marks in school. “Asking questions! Asking any questions that you may have, don’t be shy or you can ask me after class.” He mentioned the importance of asking questions to us lots of times. “Also comparing yourself to others might bring you huge stress. Learning is for yourself. I will always be proud of you if you really try your best at your work. No matter how much progress you made, I will always be proud. I always welcome you guys to come and ask any questions you have!”

Besides these, Mr. B. has lots of other interesting hobbies, it is so hard to show all! In his class, feeling the fun of mathematics is definitely possible. We all enjoy our time with him.