By Jason Huang 

The second semester has begun! On the first day back from school, we had an assembly to open up the semester. All the students and teachers were excited to participate as semester 1 ended abruptly due to a COVID-19 scare. During the assembly, Mrs. Fortin awarded the students who worked hard and got into the honor roll and principal’s list in the last term. Mrs. Fortin also gave all the students the goals and expectations for the new semester. She said the teachers are pleased with the effort students had put in last year, and she hoped everyone could keep up their effort and keep working hard. Ms. Fortin also gave an impressive admonishment to students, especially to grade 12s: you’ve done well, but it’s not the time to slow down and relax, it’s the time to work even harder as you rush through the end of the run. Mr. Chang also went up to the stage, he enumerated the coming events in the coming month. All the teachers and students were excited and looking forward to the new semester, the new beginning. Hopefully, the passion people had, could last for the entire year.  

After the assembly, the Luwan BC student council planned an interesting game, called name tag ripping. All the students and teachers gathered on the football court and took part in the game. 

Students took part in the game as house teams. Every student had a name tag stuck on their back. They needed to rip the other house teams’ students’ name tags using all sorts of strategies. Almost everyone thought the tallest people would be the winners because of their longer reach. Surprisingly, it ended up that tall students were the first group of people to go: because short people were able to run nimbly and quickly.  

At first, people spread out and competed one on one. Later on, students found out that attacking in groups was more efficient and safer. Some teams created their own smart strategy. For example, the orange team decided to send one person to crush into the other teams’ circle, and other teammates would try to attack the single person. This smart strategy made orange team last for the entire game as the team with the most players remaining.  

The game ended with happiness. There was laughter throughout the whole event on the field. People were running, leaping, and dodging, they were laughing, shouting, and screaming. What a wonderful way to start the second semester off right!