By Milo Yin

In Canada, field hockey is generally restricted to spring, summer and early autumn seasons, except in southwestern BC, where it can be played year-round. It is principally a girls’ sport in schools, but is played by both men and women in adult leagues across the country. From this official description from the Canadian Encyclopedia, you can see that the ardent love of this sport has been deeply embedded into their culture. Well in this special spring in 2021, we held an intense field hockey tournament at Luwan Senior High School.

At noon on March 3rd, in the Yellow-Orange vs. Pink-Grey match, the players on the court brought us a magnificent show. They fought fiercely, and they ignited everyone’s passion.

Sometimes the players on both teams collided together, making a loud “boom” sound, which made the audience worry about whether the players were injured or not. However, they entered the fighting state again in the next second. Nobody was hurt in this game, and everyone was playing sportsmanlike while vying for victory.

The most eye-catching destination of field hockey must be the convenience of cooperation. We can see that Jason from grade 12 kicked off a high ball from the side line, and gave a round pass to Eric. After catching the ball, Eric rushed all over to the opponent’s goal. He was swift, he dodged, he turned his body and escaped the guards’ interference again and again. He shot with a sophisticated blow, but it hit the goalpost. Tim from grade 12 got the ball, and he made a hard long swing from one side to the other. Levi captured that ball midway, his years of frisbee experience allowed him to break through numerous blocks, and cleared a path for Tim who caught up from behind. He also made a hard experienced shot, but unfortunately the one who stood in front of him was Milo, his huge body creates

an advantage for him, but what stopped the indomitable imposing manner was his years of experience. With a quick squat, he captured the dashing ball with his left glove. His actions not only prevented the opponent’s impetus, but also shattered the opponent’s ambition. He then brought a quick pass to Jason again.

At almost the end of the game, neither side had scored a goal, the situation gradually became very intense. The clubs were staggered, and the players poured all their sweat and strength into the last-minute competition. It was almost the end of the game, but it is never too late for the miracles. The ball flew out of the squeezed crowd, Tony made a quick rush-up. Nobody noticed him and he made a heavy blow aiming at the several defensive weaknesses by the goalie Milo. He shot and scored! Although the game was over for a time, the fierce shouts of the audience seemed to still echo in the playground.

After that, there were two more games on the 24th. But unfortunately, there were no goals due to the effort by the defense and the goalies. However, this game really left us a very deep impression. It used practical examples to tell us that miracles exist if we don’t give up till the last minute.