Our new school year has begun on a very positive note again this year at Luwan Senior High School! It is with great excitement that I welcome all of our students, parents, and educators. I am grateful to have the pleasure to be working with such a caring and dedicated school community that always works in unity to ensure our students’ success and well-being. 

Thanks to our passionate and hard-working community, Luwan’s BC Program continues to have a highly respected reputation amongst universities in Canada and around the world. I am extremely proud of our 2021 graduates and I am confident that our grade 12 students this year, who have already demonstrated a greater sense of responsibility and stronger leadership skills, will also achieve great results this year. Our grade 11 students are also playing an important role in helping our new students feel more comfortable in our program and in modeling positive behaviours and attitudes. With the students’ and teachers’ support, the grade 10s have already adapted very well to their new environment and have already made their place as part of our Luwan BC Family!  

Again, this year, our BC team will continue to put a strong emphasis on developing students’ core competencies and ensuring that students not only possess the 21st century-skills necessary to face any challenges they meet in the future, but also become thoughtful, creative, and independent global citizens. 

As we begin this new school year, I am hoping that all of our students will keep setting high goals for themselves in order to keep a clear focus on their dreams. The best way to move forward is to not give up when meeting challenges and to try our very best everyday, while also remembering to take care of our physical and mental health along the way. This year, dare stepping out of your comfort zone. The best learning experiences usually happen when we expand our comfort zone and go beyond our fears.  

I know I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that, together, we will make this school year another fantastic one!  

I wish you all a wonderful 2021-2022 school year!  

Naomie Fortin 

BC Principal, Luwan Senior High School-BC Program