Since the first month in term 1, Grade 12 students have already begun preparing for their university applications. Last year, the LWBC graduates broke the record by receiving an average of seven offers from universities. This year, G12 enjoy the great privilege to ask for application advice from the graduates. Aileen Song, who is now studying at Waterloo University, came to LWBC and shared her personal experience about the application process. This presentation was helpful for students to know one of their dream schools. 

On September 17th, Aileen delivered her presentation. She first explained the reasons why she chose Waterloo, then introduced the courses that she was studying and presented some photos of the university. As this was her first week studying in Waterloo, Aileen said she could feel the huge differences between the life at university and in high school. Students found the lecture useful, inspiring, and helpful. 

Aileen began her presentation by addressing an intriguing question of “Why I chose to go to Waterloo instead of U of T” followed by a list of advantages of going to Waterloo. One important factor was that she could establish a better relationship and rapport with the professors in a smaller class size there. Moreover, the unique co-op program in Waterloo allows students to spend an extra year earning work experience, which would give students a competitive edge upon graduation.   

In the second part of the presentation, Aileen talked about the mathematic faculty and her program. She highly recommended students with interest learn basic coding to better prepare for the program. Aileen also compared the study habits and workload at university and in high school.  She realized that she has become more self-disciplined and independent, as she now doesn’t need others to be around to force her to study. “This is the biggest difference. Compared with high school life, everyone is a lot more focused since he/she is solely responsible for his/her own learning at university.” 

We really appreciate the time and effort that Aileen devoted to helping us learn more about studying at university in the future!