Christmas is the most celebrated event that involves every student in the entire Luwan BC program for the whole month of December. The Christmas event consists of four major activities: House team Christmas Tree Decoration Competition, Candy Gram Sharing, Secret Santa Gift Exchange and the Talent Show. First, for the House Team Christmas Tree Decoration Competition, each house team is given a Christmas tree that will be decorated with ornaments prepared by members in each team. The trees are then evaluated by the teachers. This year, all house teams present their creative ideas characterized with unique themes, such as the idea of the “Bride/wedding ceremony” from the green team, “Luck” from the orange team, “Environmental Protection” from the grey team, “Fairyland and Fantasy” from the pink team and the “Year of Sparkling/glittering” from the yellow team.

This year, an unprecedented amount of candies have been sold and delivered. Students can send each other warm messages by ordering candies from the Student Council. Then, the elves deliver them to each student on the day of the celebration. Candy Gram has achieved a huge success. 

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in Luwan BC. Several weeks before the celebration, each student picked a random name, prepare the gifts for that person and put the wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree. On the day of the celebration, students picked up their gifts without knowing where the gifts are from. 

Then, here comes the highlight of the Christmas celebration -the Talent Show. 

In the talent show, there were students dancing, such as “Pretty Savage”, “Bells Ringing In the Rain” and “Lovelorn Front Alliance”. Some students sang songs such as “Get Luck”, “Old Town Road” and “Stay”. Some students played the piano such as “Castle in the Sky”. The members of the Music Club brought us two beautiful songs, “City of Stars” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”. 

Teachers also participated a lot. Mr. Lappicirella played the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” using the Ukulele. Mr. Law, as a teacher, taught the students some basic knowledge on how to play the Saxophone while Mr. Bisnauth showed his impressive B-Box skills. Ms. Fortin sang a bright song “Hahaha” with two other students. Mr. Chang surprisingly chose a Korean song, “Dreaming”. Last but not least, the Orange Team sang a song because they lost in the Chit Chat of December. At the end, students gathered around the Christmas trees and opened up their Christmas gifts. With joy and laughter, the Christmas Event ended.