By Vivian Cai 

There are both pros and cons to studying online for over a month.  

First of all, both online and offline studies are carried out according to a strict schedule, which ensures that we plan our time to work and rest. The difference between online and offline is that online students can learn comfortably without having to comply with certain behavior or dress codes in school. 

Secondly, online lessons provide more time for independent work and create better well-being. According to student A, he believes students have more time to review the recorded lessons to catch up with the materials. For student B, studying online helps students save time with commuting, which allows students to sleep more. This creates better results for studying. Indeed, this is undoubtedly the greatest benefit for students. 

However, the cons of studying online is that it harms our physical health and poses a great challenge to our self-learning ability. First of all, staring at the screen for a long time makes our eyes dry; sitting in front of the computer makes our back sore. Other concerns include: Can students focus on studying? Do they exercise regularly and remain fit? Can they solve problems without receiving direct help from the teachers? This requires students to set clear goals and make plans. Students will develop problem solving skills and time-management skills if they can overcome these challenges.  

Overall, online learning is a safe and effective method in the current pandemic situation, but it does not mean that you can use mobile phones and play games. Manage your study and play time so that your online learning does not leave you with regrets