Every year when it comes to September the first, we have our usual opening ceremony to welcome new students, take stock of the past and make plans for the future. It is also the time of the year when our headmistress, Ms. Fortin, gives her speech. Although I have heard her speech three times before as a g12 student, I still look forward to what will she say with a sense of freshness. It’s interesting since every year she introduces the BC program in a different way. She started off as she always did by welcoming the new students in an energetic tone and also expressing her concern to everyone about last term when the covid was under control. She also taught us what to aim for in the new semester, and what to plan and envision for the future. What I clearly remember on her speech is that she said, “In here, you will experience not only the joy of studying hard and spending time with your classmates and teachers, but also the campus life and various activities apart from your studies. I hope that you will not only become model students, but also a good person.” As a g12 student, this is the last year for me to stay in high school and Ms.Fortin’s word reminded me the precious memories and how wonderful my campus life was in the past two years, and I am looking forward for this final year of my high school career.

Other students were also very impressed with the opening ceremony. Emily and Alicia from G10 said: “At the beginning, we immediately felt the active atmosphere of LWBC, and the seniors of G11 and G12 were very enthusiastic. Ms. Fortin was very energetic and energetic when she gave her speech, the whole opening ceremony was very informative. I have a clearer idea of my plan for the next three years and the importance of scientific planning, setting goals that suit us and working hard, improve ourselves effectively.”

The G11and G12 also had their own views on the ceremony. “Mrs.Fortin’s presentation was enthusiastic and she is a great model for me to follow. At the opening of the school year, it immediately inspired the interest of the students about how their school life will be like. At that time, I was really looking forward to a wonderful BC courses in this year.” said by Milia and Summer. For G12’s Carol and Stephen, they think this event took into account all aspects of BC program. “We were reminded of the challenges that we would face in the future. Our principal Ms.Fortin briefly introduced the new seniors to life at BC and some of the goals they will need to achieve. This will help guide the Year 10s to settle into our big family more quickly.”

Finally, the opening ceremony came to a perfect end. In the new year, we hope that everyone can make a new beginning, reach some new heights, overcome new challenges and never lost hope and passion for the future.