We, BC G12, are about to face the problem of choosing a university. Because this is the first time we face such a choice, we feel confused and even clueless in choosing a major. Thus, Ms. Fortin asked many university recruiters to give presentations to show us their schools. These speeches are to help us better understand the characteristics of each university, why we want to go to this university, and what major we should study in this university, so as to give ourselves some goals and surpass last year’s efforts to get into our dream university. Not long ago, we were very lucky to hear a speech from McGill University. The teacher helped us understand the advantages, characteristics, geographical environment, etc. of McGill University to deepen our understanding of the school. She even made a specific analysis of each major in the university in order to help us solve the puzzling problem of choosing majors. In the final Q&A session, many students actively asked questions and the teacher patiently answered them. Through this question-and-answer mode, we cleared up some confusions. From her presentation, what I remembered most is when she told us that if we want to get an offer from the university during the early admissions stage, we must achieve a high average score of 97. Upon hearing this, the students in our class had new goals and became more motivated in learning. In a word, although the speech lasted only 40 minutes, the students had a deep understanding of the university and its major and had new goals in their study plans. I think this kind of university speech is very important and meaningful to us, I also hope that you can finally go to your favorite university with unremitting efforts in the future!