The Autumn Celebration activity was held on the 31st of October this year. Despite the short preparation time, all the students showed up in their unique costumes. Some even dressed as ancient Chinese characters to respect our own culture. Students were split into teams in order to participate in the activities and they all strived to win “golden bars” for their house teams.

Everyone participated in the fun games actively and enjoyed the LWBC tradition with their friends. There were 6 games in total including Gambler’s Cafe, Musical Coffin, Lateral Thinking Puzzle, Guess Who, 1 2 3 Freeze, and Wolf Man Slaughter.

The president of the student council Peter first introduced the games and rules briefly. Then the activities began as the team leaders and hosts guided the students into different classrooms which were decorated beautifully by the student council.

All the games were designed carefully and thoughtfully. For both the “Lateral Thinking Puzzle” and the “Wolf Man Slaughter”, participants needed to find clues by listening to stories or instructions. The students were having fierce discussions as they worked together to win the games and receive special tickets designed by our media directors Summer and Rein.

The third game was “1,2,3 Freeze”, a traditional game played in previous years. Our teacher Mr. Chang helped host this game and told the students to follow the instructions and “freeze” when he said so. The students who made it successfully to the front of the classroom could grab candies from the table. However, other than giving out candies, our secretary Darwin dressed as a creepy clown and hid in the classroom to create some horror and screams.

The remaining two games were two classic games: “Guess Who” and “Musical Coffin”. For Guess who, the contestants described the Halloween-themed words without saying the words and one of the students tried to guess the word. And Musical Coffin was an adaptation of the game “Musical Chair” where spooky music was played and participants tried to grab a chair whenever the host paused the music, the one without a chair would be eliminated. There was only one lucky winner who got the last chair.

After all the games, Gambler’s Cafe was the best place to be, students could buy snacks and drinks with their tickets from the shop assistants, Jenny and Vanessa, to relax and enjoy. In addition, students could play with our staff Carol in an intense game of UNO.

Finally, we had a costume competition at the end and everyone had a great and memorable day.