Author: Anthony Zhu

On February 28th and March 23rd, the students of Luwan BC had a house team activity, which was a dodgeball game. The basic rule was that a player is out when hit by a ball, but not out if the ball hits the ground first before hitting them. If a player catches a ball thrown by an opponent, the thrower is out, and the catching player’s team can revive an out member. After all members of a team are out, that team loses, and the remaining number of people on the winning team counts as points, with one person equaling one point.

The first five matches were held on February 28th: Red team vs. Pink team (winner: Pink, with 5 people remaining), Grey team vs. Orange team (winner: Orange, with 6 people remaining), Yellow team vs. Green team (winner: Yellow, with 9 people remaining), Red team vs. Green team (winner: Green, with 9 people remaining), and Orange team vs. Yellow team (winner: Orange, with 8 people remaining). Every game was exciting, and everyone fought for victory. Orange created a huge margin of victory for themselves on the first day, while the Red team came out on the wrong side of a two-game losing streak. However, some students were rather shy and kept standing in the corner of the field, hiding or not throwing the ball with their hands in their pockets since it was first time holding a sports house team event.

The second dodgeball game was not held as normal due to the 12th grade being in quarantine due to Covid-19. Instead, the teachers and current students held a friendly tournament, with the teachers’ team winning, unsurprisingly, in the end.

After the 12th graders were able to come to school, the official second dodgeball house team event was held on March 23. After the first experience, all the students actively participated in the games on this day, which made these games even more exciting. The first game was between the Grey team and Pink team, which the graduated seniors of Grey team influenced to lose (Pink had 7 people left). In the second game, Red team played Grey team, and Grey team attacked hard and beat the Red team to the point that only two players were left on the field, but thanks to Peter’s strong performance, Red team successfully turned the game around and won. In the third game, Orange team played against Green team. Orange team did not maintain their performance from the previous event and was quickly defeated by Green team, missing the chance to get the final victory. In the last game, Yellow team played against Pink team. Yellow team was quickly defeated in the opening game, giving the final victory to Pink team with the cooperation of Pink team members.

In the end, Pink team was the winning house team with a record of 3 wins and 0 losses (21 points), Green took second place with two wins and one loss (16 points), and Orange unfortunately took third place with two wins and one loss (14 points).