By Elin Yang

On October 31st, many students dressed in strange clothes gathered on the sixth floor of Luwan Senior High School. They were celebrating Halloween.

We had 7 games that day: “Battle of Balloons”, “OH! Candies”, “Who is the Witch? ”, “Pumpkin Collectors”, “Poke a Pumpkin”, “Please don’t do that” and “Zombie Run”. Except for “Zombie Run”, we did these 6 games in 6 different rooms with 6 teacher and student leaders from the student council in each room. 6 teams went to different rooms to play the games at the same time. The “Zombie Run” took place in the middle of the day on the school playground.

During the game “Battle of Balloons” in Room 613 with Mr. Ruelle, students were divided into boys and girls. For the boys’ round, JG was the male champion of our pink team. For the girls’ round, Vivian was the female champion of our pink team. They didn’t pop everyone’s balloons. Actually, Jacky, Eva, and Candice went out of the scope of the game, so they were disqualified.

During the game “OH! Candies!” in Room 606 with Ms. Dixon, a student often rolled doubles with two dice before last student put on all the clothes. Only Levi and Tim got the chance to eat lots of candies. An interesting thing was they all said that they didn’t want to eat any more sugar after this game.

During the game “Who is the Witch? ” in Room 607 with Mr. Berg, Tim got “chocolate” while others got “candy” in the first round. His identity was discovered by Andrew. The others just followed Andrew’s choice. In the second round, I got “Witch” while others got “Zombie”. Unfortunately, I was the first one to speak, so I was discovered by JG.

During the game “Pumpkin Collectors” in Room 609 with Faye, we found these cards as soon as possible. We could answer 5 of them easily, but we were stopped by the one asked when WWI stopped? This problem puzzled us for a long time, but luckily, but Andrew got the answer at last. We gave him a candy as a reward.

During the game “Poke a Pumpkin” in room 604 with Steven Zhu, we threw the pens one by one, but only Levi and JG got a candy from the paper cups. Since Levi had already eaten a thousand candies in “OH! Candies!”, he gave up eating it.

During the game “Please don’t do that” in Room 608 with Mr. Chang, Mr. Chang did the first kill to kill himself. His card was “say a name” and he wanted to let JG say whose card was “say Halloween”, so he said “Hey! JG…” and he killed himself. The other one who lost the game was Tim. His card was “eat a candy”. At the beginning when Mr. Chang gave him a candy, he refused to eat it. However, Levi fed him a candy and he ate it. What a pity!

During the game “Zombie Run” on the school playground, each team chose a student to be the zombie with teachers. Daniel Cheng, Price Zhu, Ryan Cheng, George, Scott and I were the zombies. The most interesting event happened between Daniel Cheng and Sherry Wei. Sherry tried her best to run and even run to the other side of the playground, but it was really easy for Daniel to catch her.

We had our final Balloon Battle among teams in the afternoon. During the male’s game, JG was the first blood killed by Daniel Liu. When he was killed, he even didn’t notice that the game had already started. Then Jerry killed all of the others except for Price. Price was the champion at last. During the female’s game, Yvonne popped her balloon. Then Vivian and Jane did their final one vs. one battle. Vivian won.

Finally, we chose the one whose costume we liked most from Sherry, Patrick, Micole, Yvonne, Price, George, Jerry, Fancy, Beatrice and Steven. Steven took the first place, Beatrice took the second place, and Jerry took the third place.

Every year’s Halloween events are interesting and thoughtful. Thanks to our student council members and teachers who helped organize these great events.