By Jacky Chen 

In September, our Principal Ms. Fortin provided all students in Luwan BC the chance to explore universities in Canada. We really looked forward to listening to our first virtual presentation from the University of Calgary (U of C). 

Why should we study in Alberta, Canada? 

The presenter from U of C, Ms. Mikayla Tamagi, indicated several benefits to studying in Alberta. First and foremost, Canada is one of the best places to live in the world, ranked number one in the world for quality of life. Furthermore, Canada is known as a safe, stable and friendly country. When we actually live in Canada, we may hear Canadians say sorry on a regular basis. Additionally, Canada has some of the most diverse landscapes in the world to explore. In Alberta, there are many world-famous sites, such as Banff National Park and Drumheller, the dinosaur capital of the world. Ultimately, Alberta is the only province that does not have a provincial sales tax, which is really economical for students wishing to purchase stuff in Alberta. 

Why we should choose to study in U of C? 

Excellent academics, adequate research opportunities, supportive community, paid co-operative education as well as an adventurous lifestyle are the top five reasons for students to choose UCalgary. U of C offers a range of high-quality programs, and the Faculty of Kinesiology is the top 1 sport science school in North America. We learned that U of C provided approximately $487.8 million in sponsored research funding in 2018-2019, a great opportunity to gain valuable research experience while helping overcome some of society’s challenges. After we enroll into the university, we are able to find help at International Student Services, academic advising at the Student Success Center and mental health and wellness professionals at Student Wellness Services. These services assist and support us to thrive when we encounter some problems. During the whole degree, UCalgary provides various employment options for students to take. For instance, the university offers paid co-operative education and internship opportunities with companies such as BMW and Garmin. In our spare time, we can explore world-famous landscapes such as Banff and Lake Louise. Moreover, Alberta is the perfect city for anyone who loves adventure, as the Rocky Mountains are only an hour way. 

What are the areas of study? 

When we apply for undergraduate degree programs, we have to select a major in advance. UCalgary provides a wide range of majors, which includes the Faculty of Arts, the Cumming School of Medicine, the Faculty of Nursing, Werklund School of Education, Haskayne School of Business, the Faculty of Kinesiology, the Faculty of Science and Schulich School of Engineering.  

If we want to apply, what are the subsequent steps? 

The presenter really recommended students apply as early as possible to be considered for both admissions and scholarships. There are ten steps to finish the application. Step 1: Select the program(s) and check admission requirements. We can apply for a maximum two programs during applications. If we receive an offer to the first-choice program, then the second choice will not be considered by the university. Therefore, it is recommended to rank program choices with the most desired program as first choice. Step 2: Submit the application and pay the fee. The deadline for changing program choice(s) is March 1st, 2021. Step 3: Apply for scholarships and awards. As soon as we apply for admissions, we can apply for our undergraduate awards. This is due March 1st, 2021. Step 4: Submit documents. Upload unofficial transcripts and other required documents online by March 15th, 2021 for high school applicants. Official transcripts are due in August. Step 5: Apply for residence. High school applicants who apply for residence by May 1st, 2021 are guaranteed a home on campus for two years. Step 6: Review your status. Regularly log in to Student Centre ( to find details on application status, required documents and deadlines specific to the application. Step 7: Accept the offer by paying a $500 non-refundable admissions deposit by May 1st, 2021 to confirm your seat. The $500 admissions deposit is applied to first-year tuition fees. Step 8: Apply for a study permit. Step 9: Register in first-year courses in early May. Step 10: Start your brand-new adventure to U of C. 

Response from students after they listened to the presentation 

After the presentation, students from Grade 12 shared their feelings about the University of Calgary. “After I finished listening to the lecture, to my surprise I noticed a university should be measured not only by its academic achievements but also by its surroundings. University of Calgary is located in Alberta, a suitable place for living. This is definite a plus when it comes to choosing a college. In addition, the equipment inside school is also important. The student of U of C could use their sports equipment all for free. This not only encourages students to keep fit but is also an attractive condition.” (Emily Wang, Grade 12) “First is the ELP requirements. The requirement is not simply 6.5 and no band lower than 6. Different majors have different requirement in IELTS. Second is the school rankings don’t really determine the quality of a school. Though the world ranking of Calgary is not quite high, the employment rate of graduates is still very high.” (Levi Liu, Grade 12) “…Also, what I like the most about the university is that they are a small community. Spending my time in LWBC made me fall in love with a small community instead of the big ones…” (Beatrice Ding, Grade 12). 

Overall, all students attained a lot of useful information and really enjoy listening to the presentation. We will all have bold choices and bright futures. For more information about the University of Calgary please can visit