Vanessa, a tenth grader in Luwan Senior High School is one of the Star Students this past semester. With her positive attitude and solid effort, she excels in various courses. For a freshman, it is not easy to adapt the new patterns of learning. About this matter, Vanessa has summarized some tips. “Communicating with teachers and classmates is really helpful for practicing spoken English. Moreover, doing homework on time can make us better understand the knowledge,” she added, “It is crucial to understand the notes instead of copying automatically.” These methods help her achieve outstanding academic performance. 

She also has actively participated in many clubs at school, such as music club and yearbook club. As a member of music club, she is proficient in piano. She believes that playing the piano relaxes her mind and adjusts her mood. In addition, performing with members gives her the opportunity to learn to collaborate and build friendly relationships with different people. 

Vanessa thinks it is a great honor to be the Star Student. She said, “It is the recognition and encouragement for me to keep working hard which enhances my confidence as well.” We believe Vanessa will continue to maintain her good grades with an excellent learning foundation. 

The Star Student from Grade 11 is Virginia. “She is a warm-hearted and obliging person” one of her classmates said. As a Grade 11 representative, she is willing to do favors for others. When her classmates have some concerns or have problems in learning, she always answers their questions politely and helps them seek possible solutions. Virginia trusts that while getting along with others, she can also learn from others, consider things from others’ perspectives and become more open-minded. Additionally, as a member of the student council, she has brought a lot of useful opinions based on what students need. She clearly understands her duties and completes her tasks efficiently. 

Furthermore, Virginia is involved in multiple activities. She is receptive to new knowledge and has a wide range of interests such as painting and playing basketball. In fact, she has joined the debate club recently. In order to make her perspective more persuasive, she did related research about the debate topic. She said, “Participating in the debate club can develop my logical thinking and critical thinking skills.” Debate trains her ability to respond in a short time with proficient language.  

Whether study or activities, Virginia takes them seriously all the time. Her behaviors and attitude show her Star Student award is well deserved. “I feel so excited to achieve this award. It motivates me to make progress and promote myself.” We are looking forward to her progress in the future. 

Since Beatrice entered high school, she has maintained an excellent academic performance till now. She has been on the Principal’s List every term and has consistently achieved a 4.0 GPA. She has received numerous awards such as the Grade 10 Star Student Award, the Social Studies 10 Top Student Award, and one of the most prestigious district awards in Shanghai in recognition of her academic and personal achievements. There is no doubt to say Beatrice is a high-achieving student. 

Moreover, as being the President of the Student Council, Beatrice has extensive experience leading diverse people. “I believe the differences within a team can bring challenges but also opportunities,” she said. She embraces different voices and combines various perspectives, focusing on teammates’ strengths and skill sets to achieve common goals. With her extraordinary leadership and the assistance of teachers, the student council has successfully organized several school activities which allow everyone to get involved. 

Behind these titles, Beatrice is an easy-going and considerate person who gets along well with others. When her classmates meets adversity, she often comforts them patiently and provides pertinent advice. Also, she has a sense of humor which makes people feel relaxed when staying with her. 

Congratulations to all the Star Students! I hope they can make persistent efforts and keep moving forward. At the same time, we can consider them as role models and learn from them.