On September 26, we held our first activity of the BC department, Wall Paper. For this activity, we needed to creatively display our team spirit, team logo, mascot on a wallpaper. Everyone was eager to contribute to the wallpaper design. Students are encouraged to only communicate in English because no one wanted to lose any cards by violating Chit Chat. The Red Team was lucky that they enlisted help from Mr. Bisnauth, who drew a flame for them!  

This event was also introduced with a very important lesson- Canada’s first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. It was a Canadian day of remembrance to reflect on the tragic history and ongoing legacy of the Indian residential school system of mandatory boarding schools for Indigenous Peoples. The school system was responsible for causing tragic deaths of abused aboriginal children and the Indigenous cultural extinction. Throughout the wall painting activity, we learned about the Indigenous culture and elements of art. Indeed, this was a valuable lesson about learning from mistakes made in the past and the meaning of reconciliation.