Betty Jiang

On the 10th of March, we finally went on another spring outing after two years! After about 3 hours, we arrived at the entrance of the Ocean Park together. We first went to the entrance of the park and took some great group photos. The teachers also posed for different pictures to record the excitement of the trip together.

After a short time, we split up into groups and started to wander around the park. We visited many attractions related to underwater life and even got to experience feeding the sea creatures and interacting with them in various ways.

Being a marine park, most of the students were excited to first visit the dolphins, otters, sea lions, walruses, fur seals and other marine mammals. Next, depending on the plans, students who love animals went on to visit the Mermaid Square, Polar Town and the Antarctic Penguin House. After an intimate interaction with the animals, many of us went to the other side of the park via the Arctic Bridge or the Cable Car.

Apart from the coral jellyfish and Underwater World Pavilions, students who love thrill-seeking sports often take part in jumpers, roller coasters and some more courageous activities. The queue for the roller coaster was still very long, up to five minutes before it was time to leave, which shows how exciting and attractive the ride is. The next second you get on the rollercoaster, your body is already flying out with the coaster, but your soul seems to remain in the starting point! The vast majority of people would choose to release their fears by screaming, and the stress of studying proved to be greatly relieved after the rollercoaster ride.

By the afternoon, most of the students had made their way to the shows. The orca show that day was very impressive, for example, the students sitting in the front row always got wet because of the water waves from the orca’s tail. The dolphin and sea lion shows were also very impressive. There were also beautiful ladies dressed like mermaids performing shows with marine animals.

Year 12’s Jason said, “I got to see a lot of sea life and we participated in the roller coaster 5 times, and overall it was a really enjoyable experience. Also, after all the stress of studying, we finally had some fun with the students and the teachers, so I think it was great.”

Jeremy from G12 said, “As our last spring trip in high school, I was really excited to be able to enjoy the last fun with my classmates in March, and it will be a great memory for us. Haichang Park was a lot better and more fun than we thought it would be, probably because it was my first time there. The roller coaster was exciting, and I got to ride it uncontrollably five times!”

Daisy from G10 said, “I had a great time at Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai. When I was at the aquarium, it was the first time I saw a real beluga whale so close, with only a piece of glass between me and it. I was amazed at the presence of such a huge animal in the ocean and the cooperation between humans and animals in the show.”

Zoe from G11 commented, “One of the most memorable shows at Haichang Park is the Beluga Whale Show. Two beluga whales danced in the water with the divers, sometimes floating up and sometimes sinking down. A few rays of sunlight spilled from above the tanks, adding a touch of spirituality to the dimly lit arena. We soaked it all in and enjoyed this unforgettable show.”

In a nutshell, the Haichang Ocean Park was an amzing experience for LWBC students and teachers. It provided an enriching opportunity to learn more about marine life while creating lasting memories with classmates and teachers.