By Beatrice Ding 

Luwan BC held an Easter celebration event April 2nd, 2021, and the celebration was based on a story. The Greek God, Zeus, had lost the spring due to a mistake he made, and humans will perish because of the long winter. Athena, Zeus’s daughter had decided to help humans get spring back. Hades, the ruler of the underworld, also heard the news. He decided to be the good guy and help the humans as well. Our Luwan BC students are the adventurers who stepped up and followed the two gods to retrieve the four lost treasures to get spring back. 

The activity started at 7:45 in the morning. First, the students were separated into 4 teams. Then, our host Mr. Chang welcomed everyone for coming. Then Zeus, Athena and Hades, played by Ms. Fortin, Emily and Beatrice, came up on stage together for a short play, informing the players that the spring was lost and needed to be retrieved. Zeus and Athena led the students into the Medieval world, and the dialogue between Hades and his servant made them laugh and look forward to the activities. The Adventurers were then led to the Witch’s place, where they could know their role in their team and which god they had to follow.  

The game started at 8:35. The adventurers met the gods, the gods instructed them to find the four treasurers one by one. The adventurers fought with the sword man from the Olympics, advised the cook and the merchant to get back together again, helped Zeus’s old lover fulfill her wishes… Also, they went though the challenges of the dungeons. They had to get through the test to train and prove their power, their wisdom and their courage. But these are not the only challenges they needed to face. They also needed to be aware of the predators during “nights” and try not to get their name tags ripped by the predators. The adventurers also earned money at the Easter Fair, by playing some small games they could get gold coins from the owners. They used their money to buy refreshments at the Inn, where they could get supplies and play cards with the two card players there. 

Finally, all the treasures were put together. However, it was at that time that Hades finally revealed his true identity: he was the one who led Zeus to make the mistake and stole the spring, and he had spies who had been amongst the adventurers all along. If Athena wants to get back the spring, humans needed to join up with her to fight Hades’s army. 

The epic battle was held on the playground. The adventurers on both sides needed to look for Easter eggs as well as protect their name tags not to be ripped by their opponents. Eventually Athena’s team got more eggs and Hades surrendered the spring back to Zeus. The day ended and everyone was so satisfied.